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Graduation Requirements for the Class of 2015

Click on your year to see the state graduation requirements. Students are assigned an expected graduation year at the time they enter ninth grade (WAC 180-51-035). They are held to the graduation requirements of that graduation year regardless of the year they actually complete high school. [Back to Graduation Requirements]

SBE Election - 1. What is the composition of the State Board of Education?

Composition of the Board will include 16 members:

  • 5 members elected by public school directors - 2 in eastern Washington, 3 in western Washington
  • 1 member at-large elected by private schools
  • The superintendent of public instruction
  • 7 members appointed by the governor
  • 2 student members selected by the Association of Washington Student Leaders Student Steering Committee

All members except student members are voting members.


The State Board of Education has the authority to creates rules for public and approved private schools in Washington state. Rules developed by SBE can be found in Title 180 WAC.

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Waivers Rule Criteria

  • In November 2012, the State Board of Education adopted rules to establish criteria for evaluation of requests for waivers under RCW 28A.305.140-141 from the basic education requirement of a minimum 180-day school year.


State Board of Education Resolutions

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Legislative Priorities

Click on image for PDF. See ADA version link in text to the left.

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Statewide K-12 Accountability

The State Board of Education is responsible for implementing a standards-based accountability framework that creates a unified system of increasing levels of support for schools in order to improve student achievement (RCW 28A.305.130).

Future Board Meetings

The Board typically meets bimonthly.

High School and Beyond Plan

The High School and Beyond Plan is a graduation requirement for every student. It's a tool for students, parents, and teachers to guide students through high school and think about their future. Plans are personalized and designed to help students set, visualize, and work to achieve goals.

High-Quality Plans
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