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May 14, 2010

Students Celebrate the Arts in Statewide Video Contest

OLYMPIA, Wash. –Vashon Island High School and Oakland Bay Junior High School (Shelton) took first place in
their respective categories in the inaugural Washington State Board of Education student video contest.

The online video contest challenged students to create videos that defended the importance of arts education
in school. Videos were evaluated on multiple factors, including cinematography, creativity, and effectiveness in
showcasing student art.

“The videos demonstrated how students’ school arts experiences were enhancing their lives and the lives of
others,” said AnnRene Joseph, Program Supervisor for the Arts at the Office of Superintendent of Public

All videos were judged by the two student representatives of the Washington State Board of Education: Anna
Laura Kastama (Tacoma) and Jared Costanza (Pasco).

The contest, which started March 1, 2010, came to end on May 3, 2010. All 28 entries are available on the
State Board of Education YouTube channel for viewing. The top videos are highlighted on the State Board of
Education’s website and Facebook page.

The Washington State Board of Education will undertake a new student video contest in March of 2011.
Students fifth grade and up are eligible to compete.

The Results

Finish School Name(s) Judges' Comments
1st Place
(High School)
Vashon High School Leah Andrews, Corrine Pruett and Conrad Pearson Impressed by its professionalism and ample student voice.
1st Place
(Middle School)
Oakland Bay Junior High Coreless Fletcher, Colby Fuller and Priscilla Ramirez In addition to the outstanding choir and perspective, impressed with the insight into the importance of the arts.
  Honorable Mentions - in no particular order
  Vancouver School of the Arts and Academics Hayley Frahm and Heather Ferguson I like the signs at the end of the video that gave the quotes of the importance of art. I really liked the opening.
  Redmond High School Claire Asplund, Rachel Kim and Angela Page I really like the music and the opening. Very, very well done. Interesting beginning with the tape. Loved the tape with writing shown at the beginning, very cute. The color pallet used the same concept. The art does the talking. Very creative and memorable
  Evergreen High School Jesse Rainey, Preston Smith and Josh Whitehead Connecting the paranormal to the arts - freaky cool. Great beginning. Creative and fun. This video was very funny and creative. The students were passionate and showed their personalities. They really understood the topic and did a good job conveying the importance of arts in a fun and creative way.
  Vancouver School of the Arts and Academics Chance Eichner, Austin Horjus and Cole Hansell Absolutely fantastic examples of student art. Great teacher and student perspective. Very, very well done and an absolute pleasure to watch.
  Vancouver School of the Arts and Academics Aaron Henry I liked the focus on certain performances and artwork. Very well edited. Very good video, expressed student arts, had a clear adult and student perspective.
  Evergeen High School Eric Drigger, Chris Grove and Caroline Haper I want a trench coat. Good movie feel with a soundtrack to boot. Loved the black and white before art was introduced and then the flashes of color as he experiences feelings and emotions.
  Redmond High School Andrew Pang, Melissa Boyer and Maddie Kinzer Video is incredibly creative. Loved the puppets, especially the piano playing. Really fun.
  Cascade High School Chad Sepe Video was very professional. Really understood the topic. Students really expressed the importance of the arts in their lives. Loved the choir in the background. Choir sounded great.
  Vancouver School of the Arts and Academics Rachel Lee Solid editing. Looks like they spent a lot of time on this video. This was very good.
  Redmond High School Kim Koyo, Jorel Murray and Andrew Spencer Very impressive musicians. Clearly had fun making this. Enthusiastic group. Liked the ending where everyone was laughing and having fun. Shows the fun or the arts.
  Heritage High School Bryce Baxter Cool opening. Lots of impressive editing. Loved the music in the background and all the examples of student artwork/video. Visually appealing. Very limited student perspective. Needed more student interviews than teachers. Beginning catches the eye.
  Whitman Middle School Sophia Peck Good ideas. If there was student voice and adult voice added, it would have made the video perfect. Clearly showed the importance of arts. I appreciate the different camera angles.


Contact: Aaron Wyatt, Communications Manager

About the State Board of Education: The State Board of Education provides advocacy and strategic oversight of public education. The board is comprised of 16 members: five are elected by school board directors, seven are appointed by the Governor, two serve as student representatives, and one serves as a private school representative. The Superintendent of Public Instruction is also a member.

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