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October 25-27 Lacey
  1. Minutes
  2. Public Hearing on Proposed Sections -  Chapters 180-25, 26,27,29, and 180-31 through 33
  3. General Information
  4. Budget Review
  5. OSPI Private School Advisory Committee
  6. Capital Budget
  7. Professional Educator Standards Board
  8. Public Hearing
  9. Presentation from Teresa Stone
  10. Presentation from Ralph Ridden and Mike Storm
  11. Presentation from Marsha Henning
  12. Presentation from Tony Angell
  13. Presentation from Lynn Ferguson
  14. Presentation from Lynn Ferguson
  15. Presentation from Lorraine Wilson
  16. Topical Presentation on Student Perspective of the Proposed Graduation Requirements
  17. Topical Updates on the Certificate of Mastery Committee
  18. Partnership for Excellence in Teaching Update
  19. Remote and Necessary
  20. WACPS Final Report
  21. School Construction
  22. Administrative
  23. Tropical Report on Gender Equity Project Update
  24. State Board Election Results
  25. Topical Presentation from President Linda Carpenter
  26. Recognition Celebration of Blue Ribbon Schools
  27. Election of Vice President
  28. Time and Learning/Distance Education
  29. Certification Endorsements – Panel Presentation
  30. Topical Presentation on the Professional Educator Standards Board
  31. Topical Presentation by Linnea Comstock
  32. Adoption Consideration
  33. Accreditation Report
  34. Chewelah Peak Project
September 28 N/A
  1. Minutes
  2. Presentation by Rosemary Fitton, Cheryl Mayo, and Kyra Kester on reliability issues with the CoM committee
  3. Certificate of Mastery
  4. Concerns
  5. Topics for Upcoming Meetings
August 23-25 Kirkland
  1. Minutes
  2. Private Schools Approval
  3. Public Hearing on Proposed Amendments
  4. Professional Education and Certification
  5. Presentation by Patrick Patrick.
  6. Presentation by Marv Sather
  7. Presentation by Terry Burgeson
  8. School Facilities
  9. Issues / Recommendations on School Facilities
  10. Basic Education Assistance - Concerns about discrepancies that have to do with time and learning standards
  11. Proposed Rule Changes
June 30 N/A
  1. Minutes
  2. Presentation by Rosemary Fitton
  3. Questions and Responses
May 17-19 ESD 113
  1. Minutes
  2. Second Initial Discussion -on proposed amendment to WAS to continue education credit hours
  3. Professional Education and Certification
  4. Accreditation Report and Discussion
  5. Topical Work Session on Social Studies Graduation Requirement
  6. Topical Report on Graduation Requirements
  7. Topical Work Session on Grad Committee Recommendations
  8. Meeting with North Beach School District -
  9. Washington State Institute for Public Policy (WSIPP)
  10. Professional Educator Standards Board
  11.  Student Recognition
  12.  Planning Session – Facilities Committee
  13. Planning Session
  14.  Distance Learning
  15.  Washington Virtual Classroom Consortium (WVCC)
April 17-18 Renton
  1. Minutes
  2. Teacher Preparation Programs
    • Antioch University
    • Walla Walla College
    • UW – Tacoma
    • Northwest College
    • Whitman College
    • Eastern Washington University
    • Central Washington University
    • St. Martin’s College
    • Washington State University
    • UW – Bothell
    • Seattle Pacific University
    • Heritage College
    • Whitworth College
March 22-24 Olympia
  1. Minutes
  2. Introduction of new staff members
  3. Committee and Liaison Reports
  4. Basic Education Assistance
  5. Rule Changes
  6. Report by Executive Director Larry Davis
  7. School Facilities report by Carolyn Tolas
  8. Public Hearing on Proposed Rule Changes
  9. School Facilities Report – New Information by Mike Currie
  10. Professional Preparation and Certification presentation by Marvin Kleene and Rod Duckworth
  11.  Report on Federal Title II Grant by Dr. Andrew Griffin
  12.  Update (Report) from Merri Rieger on the updates of the Washington Advisory Council for Professional Administrator Standards (WACPAS)
  13.  Kathleen Anderson announced her retirement
  14. Executive Committee report
  15.  High School Credits/Block Schedule Discussion
  16.  Work Session on Standardized High School Transcript
  17.  State Report of the State Board Accreditation Study Committee
  18.  Work Session on Accreditation Study Committee Recommendations
  19.  Topical Presentation
  20.   Future Meeting Updates
January 10-12 Olympia
  1. Minutes
  2. Public Hearing on Proposed Rule Changes - establishing equivalency for course work degrees
  3. Report by Carolyn Tolas on the 40 percent/80 percent rules
    1. Personal Preparation and Certification - Request for Approval of the Teacher Preparation Program
  4. Reports and Work Session Graduation Requirements and Pathways
  5. Presentation on AWSP task force by Rainer Houser
  6. Jonathon T. Harris was sworn in as the new Board member from the 6th Congressional District
  7. Rule Changes
  8. School Facilities and Organization
  9.  Recipients of the Professional Certificate were recognized
  10.  Professional Preparation and Certification   
    1. Status Report
    2. Presentation from Dr. Steve Pollack - Regarding the Department of Education and Psychology at Walla Walla College
    3.  Presentation from Dr. Gerald Forrester - Regarding University of Washington School Counselor Program
  11.  Rule Changes
  12.  Work Session