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November 8-9 Vancouver
  1. Agenda
  2. Highlights
  3. Minutes
  4. Complete Board Packet
  5. Strategic Plan Dashboard
  6. Initiative 1240 Status Update
  7. Achievement and Accountability Workgroup Recommendations and Staff Recommendations on Performance Indicators for a Revised Index
  8. Collaboration Opportunities with the Office of the Student Achievement Council
  9. Letter to the Office of the Student Achievement Council
  10. Standard Setting for Alternative Assessments to the Math End of Course Exams
  11. Recommendations for a College and Career-Readiness Assessment System
  12. BEA Compliance Report
  13. 180-Day Waiver Requests
  14. Waiver Rules - CR 103
  15. 2013 Legislative Session - SBE Priorities
  16. STEM Vital Signs Report
  17. Teacher Assignment Data and Educator Workforce Development Policies and Practice
  18. Achievement Index Revision - Next Steps
  19. Draft Letter to the AAW
  20. Private Schools
October 17 Olympia
  1. Agenda
  2. Highlights
  3. Minutes
  4. Webinar Recording
  5. Presentation: Achievement and Accountability Workgroup: Options and Input
September 25-27 Walla Walla
  1. Agenda
  2. Highlights
  3. Minutes
  4. Complete Board Packet
  5. Changing Demographics of Washington's Public Schools
  6. Paula Smith, Envisioning the Future of Education
  7. SBE Annual Review of K-12 data
  8. The McCleary Court Case
  9. SBE Strategic Plan Update and Review and 2013 Legislative Priorities
  10. OSPI Briefing on State Assessment Results
  11. OSPI State Assessment Presentation
  12. OSPI Presentation on Required Action Districts
  13. Review of Certificate of Academic Achievement (CAA) Options for End of Course Exams
  14. Revising the State Achievement Index
  15. English Language Learners in a Statewide Accountability Index
  16. Basic Education Waiver Requests
  17. Public Hearing on Proposed Changes to Basic Education Waiver Criteria
  18. OSPI Fiscal Impact Statement for Proposed Rules
  19. Walla Walla Public Schools Site Visit
  20. Business Items
  21. Resolution Encouraging Districts to Reevaluate the Use of Native American Mascots
August 6 OSPI
  1. Agenda
  2. Complete Board Packet
  3. Highlights
  4. Minutes
  5. Biology and Washington Alternate Assessment System Portfolio Cut Scores Memo
  6. Biology Cut Scores Presentation
  7. Washington Alternate Assessment Presentation
  8. 180-Day Waivers Applications
  9. Motions

Note: The PowerPoints describe the standard setting process for state testing in Washington. They include the recommendations of the standard setting committees and the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction for the cut scores of the end-of-course exam in biology and the Washington Alternative Assessment System Portfolio. The State Board approved of these cut scores on August 06, 2012. The PowerPoint shows the anticipated impact of these cut scores and are considered preliminary until released by OSPI at the end of August, 2012.

July 11-12 Bellingham
  1. Agenda
  2. Complete Board Packet
  3. Highlights
  4. Minutes
  5. Strategic Plan
  6. Statutory Authority for Accountability
  7. Achievement and Accountability Workgroup and Communications Plan
  8. ESEA Flexibility Overview
  9. State Accountability Systems - Richard Wenning
  10. Option One and WaKIDS Waiver Requests
  11. Proposed Waiver Rule Revisions
  12. Impact of Learning Assistance Program on Student Outcomes
  13. Board Retreat Planning
  14. Compensation Technical Working Group Recommendations
  15. Business Items
  16. Districts Seeking Two-Year Extensions for 2016 English and Social Studies Graduation Requirements
May 8-9 Yakima
  1. Agenda
  2. Complete Board Packet
  3. Highlights
  4. Minutes
  5. QEC Report from Senator Curtis King
  6. Richard Wenning - Incorporating Student Growth into Statewide Accountability
  7. Option One Waiver Requests and a Discussion of WaKIDS 180-day Waiver Implementation
  8. Washington ForWArd and Leading System Indicators
  9. Standard Setting for End of Course Biology
  10. Basic Education Waiver Criteria
  11. Common Core and Next Generation State Science Standards
  12. ESEA Waiver Update
  13. Legislative Update
  14. Center for Reinventing Public Education, SIG Report
  15. School Improvement Grant Panel
  16. Business Items
March 14-15 Auburn
  1. Agenda
  2. Complete Board Packet
  3. Highlights
  4. Minutes
  5. Washington Science Standards and Preparing for the Next Generation Science Standards, David Heil
  6. ESEA Waiver
  7. Option One Waiver Requests
  8. Option Two Waiver Requests
  9. Understanding the Changing Workforce Needs in Washington's Economy, Ms. Eleni Papadakis
  10. Auburn School District - Washington Achievement Award Schools and Auburn Reform Efforts, Dr. Kip Herren
  11. P-13 Systems Goals Setting, Lead System Indicators
  12. Green River Community College Math Transcript Placement System, Dr. Joyce Hammer and Ms. Christie Gilliland
  13. Implications of the McCleary Decision, Representative Pat Sullivan
  14. Legislative Review
February 23 Olympia
  1. Agenda
  2. Complete Board Packet
  3. Highlights
  4. Minutes
  5. Innovation Waivers
  6. Economy and Efficiency Waivers
  7. ESEA Flexibility Update
  8. System Indicators
  9. Legislative Update
January 11-12 Tumwater
  1. Agenda
  2. Complete Board Packet
  3. Highlights
  4. Minutes
  5. ESEA Waiver
  6. 180-Day Waivers
  7. WAC Rule Revisions
  8. School Levy Proposal, Representative Ross Hunter
  9. Teacher Recognition Awards
  10. Education Systems Governance, Dr. Aims McGuinness, Jr.
  11. SBE Strategic Work Plan Session
  12. Legislative Update
  13. Legislative Meetings