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Alexander Henriksson Selected as New Student Board Member

Release Date: 

June 14, 2024

The Washington State Board of Education and the Association of Washington Student Leaders are thrilled to recognize Alexander Henriksson as the incoming student representative on the Board. 

Alex is a rising junior at Redmond High School in the Lake Washington School District. He was inspired to apply for the position of student representative because of his passion for education and making the system a better place for everyone. 

“What excites me most about this position is the ability to represent and serve students across Washington state, and to help advocate for and influence positive change in our education system,” he said. 

At school, Alex enjoys his chemistry and math classes. He’s very interested in logic and science and loves both learning and his teachers. In the future, he wants to pursue some sort of mix of these topics, whether that be in science, medicine, teaching or some combination of them. 

For now, though, Alex spends his time outside of school learning about as much of the world as he can. “One of my favorite hobbies is learning about different languages and cultures,” he says. “I have taken a year of ASL and am currently learning Spanish and Swedish.” Alex is also a big animal lover and spends time with his two cats to relax and unwind.

Welcome, Alex! The Board is so excited to have you!

Media Contact: 

Alissa Muller
Director of Policy
(360) 725-6501