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February meeting recap

Release Date: 

February 17, 2023

For the first time this year, the Board met to discuss graduation requirements rules, basic education, community engagement, strategic planning, and more. The Board also approved rules for high school graduation requirements to address recent legislation on the role of computer science courses in meeting graduation requirements. Find the TVW streaming links and all materials on SBE's meeting site.

Graduation Requirements Rules – The Board discussed and adopted proposed rules for high school graduation requirements, WAC 180-51-210 Subject and Credit Area Requirements for High School Graduation. Recent legislative change permits a student to use an elective course in computer science to meet core graduation requirement credit in math or science, provided certain conditions are met. The adopted rules align with this legislation.

Required Action Districts, Mt. Adams Spotlight – Superintendent Curt Guaglianone, Dana Jarnecke, Mt. Adams Director of Teaching and Learning, and Gloria Widener, Principal, Harrah Elementary and Mt. Adams Middle schools joined the Board to share their experience in the RAD program through multiple cohorts. They discussed what worked well in the most recent cohort, and made recommendations for the future of the program.

Private School Approval – The Board was briefed on the private school enrollment report. Thirteen schools were approved, and two schools were provisionally approved.

Basic Education Compliance – Find a summary report of the annual basic education certification process and results online. The report includes annual basic education certification processes and results, notable findings, possible improvements, and the communication processes among the Board, school districts, and LEAs, while pursuing the annual certification of basic education compliance. Possible improvements to the process were also discussed.

Community Engagement – The State Board is contracting with community organizations through June of 2023 to further SBE’s community engagement. A panel of organization representatives shared their expertise and plans. Every community is unique, and we believe there is expertise within communities on how best to engage with and learn from students and families. The following non-profit organizations were present on the panel:

  • Community Center for Education Results - South King County
  • Elevate, United Way of the Blue Mountains - Walla Walla
  • Foundation for Academic Endeavors - Skagit Valley
  • The ZoNE - NE Spokane

Migrant Education – Partners from ESD 123 gave a brief overview of the migrant education program, Title I, Part C, in Washington State including regional demographic information, current services offered through the Educational Service Districts and Local Education Agencies , and the specific needs and challenges faced by this student group, with a focus on the Board’s current areas of authority. Find a short video trailer the group here.

Legislative Update – Staff provided an update on the status of the Board’s request legislation to expand graduation pathways, House Bill 1308, which was passed out of the House Education Committee on Monday, February 13. You can follow the progress of the bill here. In addition, staff briefed the Board about other bills that align with the Board’s legislative priorities, strategic plan, and areas of work. 

Strategic Planning – The Board has started its next strategic planning process that will outline goals and the strategies to achieve those goals in the future. Staff presented a proposed timeline for this work that includes getting public input and developing targets aligned with the Board’s authority.

Upcoming Board Meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for April 12-13 in the Olympia area. The Board has shifted its meetings calendar to come together on even months of the year. The agenda and materials will be posted one week in -advance of the meeting on SBE’s meetings page.

Media Contact: 

Stephanie Davidsmeyer
Director of Communications