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Gratitude for Donalda

Release Date: 

June 27, 2024


The Washington State Board of Education is proud to announce that Donalda Brantley, student representative, has graduated Rogers High School (Spokane School District) and is now a State Board of Education Alumni.

Donalda served the Board for two years with an open mind and big heart. She has been an active voice in the board’s decision-making processes and has brought a unique perspective to every conversation. She has truly inspired both the board members and the communities she serves.

Next year Donalda plans to attend the University of Washington and major in business. “For now,” she laughed, when asked about her future plans. “But I don’t necessarily have, like, set plans. I hope to continue advocacy work and do something in this [the education advocacy] field.”

Donalda remarked that her time at the board has changed her in a variety of ways. “I felt like I was able to build up my communication skills,” she said. “Also just being comfortable being an advocate not only for myself and what I want but also for other people.” She also added that the Board has been a great outlet for her and has provided many opportunities. 

As she moves on, Donalda’s advice to the board is to follow through on their ideas. “Yes, continue listening to students, but also make sure to have actions behind your words.”

The Board is sad to see Donalda go, but is confident in both her bright future and the lasting impact her presence had on the board. 

If there was one thing Donalda could tell the community about the Board: “As an organization, the Board has this authority, but they’re here to listen and they base their conversations and their actions around what they’re hearing from the public.” 

The Washington State Board of Education wishes Donalda Brantley well on all of her future endeavors and cannot wait to see the kind of positive change she will inspire in others.

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Alissa Muller
Director of Policy
(360) 725-6501