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STEM Graduation Requirements

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March 6, 2013

When we look at the changes the K-12 system would undergo to fully implement the 24-credit Career- and College-Ready Graduation Requirements, it becomes clear that requiring 3 credits of science is a key change. Other changes remaining to be implemented, such as 2 credits of world language and an additional arts credit, are flexible credits—classes that students may substitute with other classes if they work better for the student’s education and career goals as described in the student’s High School and Beyond Plan.  But the additional credit of science is a core credit, one of the 17 mandatory credits in the Career- and College-Ready framework.

Three credits of science, with 2 laboratory credits, would not only help prepare all students for a full range of post-secondary options, but would also support a technologically prepared workforce in our state.

Washington STEM recently conducted a statewide survey of voters and found that:
74% of voters support increasing STEM graduation requirements
92 percentnew 70


STEM skill jobs have remained in-demand even through the economic downturn and closing gaps should remain a priority (according to the  STEM Vital Signs Report (2012) for Washington State)

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A summary of Science and Stem Fast Facts may be found here .

Linda Drake, Senior Policy Analyst

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Alissa Muller, SBE Communications Manager, (360) 725-6501