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High School and Beyond Plan

The High School and Beyond Plan is a graduation requirement for every student. It's a process for students, parents, and teachers to guide students through high school and think about their future. Plans are personalized and designed to help students set, visualize, and work to achieve goals. A High School and Beyond Plan is one of the three components, along with Credit and Subject Area Requirements, and Graduation Pathway Options, that Washington students must complete to achieve a high school diploma.

Social Studies - 2. What is the social studies graduation requirement?

Graduation requirement rules (WAC 180-51-067, WAC 180-51-068, and WAC 180-51-210) require three credits of social studies for graduation. The requirement includes one credit of US History, one-half credit of Contemporary World History, Geography and Problems (often referred to as Contemporary World Problems or CWP), one-half credit of Civics, and one credit of social studies elective.

State Board of Education recommendation to Legislature: Eliminate Biology end-of-course assessment as a high school graduation requirement

VANCOUVER, Wash. – The Washington State Board of Education will ask the Legislature to eliminate the biology end-of-course test as a high school graduation requirement. After hearing extensive public comment from parents and practitioners, the Board unanimously voted to make the recommendation at its meeting Friday in Vancouver.

State Board of Education to Discuss Requirements for High School Diploma, Transition to Career and College-Ready Standards

VANCOUVER, Wash. – The Washington State Board of Education will meet at Educational Service District 112 in Vancouver on November 13th and 14th to discuss the K-12 system’s transition to career and college-ready standards, and impacts on high school graduation requirements. Students in the Class of 2019 (current 8th graders) are the first class impacted by many of these changes.

What:      State Board of Education Board Meeting