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2015 Legislative priorities


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2015 Legislative Priorities one-pager

January 2015 letter to Governor Inslee regarding the 2015-2017 Budget

November 2014 Letter to Governor Inslee on Budget Priorities for the 2015-17 Budget

September 2014 Resolution on the McCleary School Funding Decision and school funding proposals entertained during the 2015 Legislative Session

Ample Provision

Meet the state’s constitutional obligation to make ample provision for basic education.

Legislative Action: The Board urges the Legislature to identify reliable and sustainable funding sources for basic education to support a robust response to the McCleary Court Order, and make significant progress toward full implementation of the provisions of ESHB 2261 and SHB 2776. Fund public schools in a manner that does not compromise our commitment to early learning, higher education, and vital social services to Washington’s citizens.

High School & Beyond Plan

Strengthen the High School and Beyond Plan (HSBP) for Washington’s students.

Legislative Action: The Board urges the Legislature to provide greater clarity on plan requirements. The adoption of more rigorous graduation requirements and the creation of personalized pathways increases the importance of the HSBP in a student’s journey to career and college readiness. By beginning the planning process in the middle school years and defining fundamental elements, the Legislature can help ensure that every student is engaged in these essential activities.

Bill: HB 1591 (Sponsors: Ortiz-Self, Johnson, Reykdal, Moscoso, Pollet, Santos, Bergquist, Peterson, S. Hunt, Sells, Gregerson, Wylie)
Defines High School and Beyond Plan, requires that it includes a career goal, an educational goal, a four-year course plan, and identification of assessments. Specifies that the plan process should start in 8th grade, include a skills and interests assessment, and be revisited throughout high school. Directs OSPI to work on creating a list of best practices and work with SBE to identify and address barriers.
         Jan. 23: Referred to House Education Committee
         Feb. 5: Public Hearing - TVW video

ESEA Flexibility Waiver

Take the needed action to restore Washington’s ESEA Flexibility Waiver and return control of federal funds to local districts.

Legislative Action: The Board supports the effort of Governor Inslee and Superintendent Dorn to restore our state’s waiver from onerous requirements of No Child Left Behind by securing a legislative change requiring that statewide assessments, when relevant, be used as one measure of student growth in teacher and principal evaluations.

Bill: SB 5749 (Sponsors: Litzow, Dammeier)
Requires that teacher evaluations include student growth on state assessments.
         Feb 2: Referred to House Education Committee
         Feb. 10: Public Hearing - TVW video

Modify Career & College Ready Exam Requirements

Streamline alternative assessments required for graduation.

Legislative Action: The Board urges the Legislature to expand the use of testing alternatives for students who do not pass the 11th grade SBAC test required for graduation, beginning with the Class of 2019. Additionally, the Board urges the Legislature to end the Biology end-of-course exam as a high school graduation requirement in favor of developing a comprehensive science exam that aligns with Next Generation Science Standards.

Bill: HB 1950 (Sponsors: Lytton, Appleton, Bergquist, Ormsby, S. Hunt, Pollet, Tharinger)
Eliminates the Biology End of Course exam as a high school graduation requirement.

Bill: SB 5825 (Sponsors: Mullet, Rolfes, Frockt, McAuliffe, Fraser, Cleveland)
Eliminates the Biology End of Course exam as a high school graduation requirement.

Professional Learning for Educators

Incorporate a robust program of educator professional learning into the state’s program of basic education.

Legislative Action: The Board urges the Legislature to establish and fund a statewide program of effective professional learning for educators of 10 days or the equivalent as part of the basic education allocations guaranteed to all school districts. Professional learning time outside the 180-day calendar is necessary to ensure that educators are able to meet higher standards for instruction, and schools to meet the goals of basic education for student learning. It will also reduce the need for basic education waivers that erode instructional
time for children.

Bill: HB 1345 (Sponsors: Lytton, Magendanz, Bergquist)
Defines professional learning and sets standards for high quality.
         Jan. 19: Referred to House Education Committee
         Feb. 2: Public Hearing - TVW video