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Equity Statement of Intent

The Washington State Board of Education has committed to using equityas a guiding principle in its decision-making related to its statutory charges, strategic planning, and in developing annual policy proposals for consideration by the Washington State Legislature and Governor.

The Washington State Board of Education is committed to successful academic attainment for all students.  Accomplishing this will require narrowing academic achievement gaps between the highest and lowest performing students, as well as eliminating the predictability and disproportionality in student achievement outcomes by race, ethnicity, and adverse socioeconomic conditions. 

The Board acknowledges that historical and ongoing institutional policies, programs, and practices have contributed to disparate and statistically predictable educational outcomes. To address persistent inequities within our educational system the Board will work collaboratively with educational and community partners to:

  • Ensure that educational equity is a shared priority and is viewed as a process to identify, understand, and eliminate institutional policies, practices, and barriers that reinforce and contribute to disparate and predictable educational outcomes;
  • With transparency and humility, honor and actively engage Washington’s underserved communities as partners in developing and advocating for equitable educational policies, opportunities, and resources for marginalized students; and
  • Using equity as a lens, engage in a continuous, collective process of policymaking to ensure Washington’s education system can meet the needs of all students today and into the future.

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