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How to Update Private School Information

Please use the Private School Change of Information Form if your Head of School, location, or additional contact has changed since you submitted your previous year’s Private School Approval Application. Submitting this form alerts the State Board of Education concerning changes at your school, which will ensure continuity of communication from state agencies. 

  • Note: submitting a Change of Information Form does not automatically, electronically update your information. Forms are reviewed and processed twice each month, on or near the 1st and 15th, and State Board of Education records are updated at that time. Changes to your head of school or additional contacts will be reflected in OSPI's EDS system within a week of processing, while changes to your address may take longer. -

Why can’t I change the name of our school on this form?
Name changes are processed once each year during the spring Approval Application process. 

  • Note that schools with name changes will log in to the Renewing Private School Application to indicate the new and previous names of the school. 

Why can’t I access the form?
The Change of Information form is disabled during the Approval Application window. Each spring changes for the upcoming school year will be reported directly in the Approval Application.

To alert the State Board of your school's closure, please use the Private School Closure Form.