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Enrollment Reporting

Each year, approved private schools in Washington state are required to report enrollment in grades K–12 by ethnicity, grade level, and gender. Schools are also required to document information about all instructional staff providing education to students enrolled in these schools. (RCW 28A.195.060)

The information provided by your school fulfills this statutory requirement and gives state officials data that is used to predict enrollment trends. In addition, the enrollment counts are used to establish federal funding levels and each approved, non-profit private school’s eligibility for participation in federal programs. In order to be considered in compliance with state and federal laws, required forms must be submitted no later than November 15. The enrollment count will be based on those students enrolled in your school as of October 1. The application will open on October 1

Online Enrollment Form (coming soon)

This form is for reporting those students who are in an online school or program attached to your regular school. In order to provide information for education forecasting, we need to have the number of students, by grade level, ethnicity, and gender in your online school/programs.