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Enrollment Reporting


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The Washington State Board of Education (SBE) annually collects private school enrollment data. 

The official count day for the private schools is October 3, 2022.

2022-23 Enrollment Reporting Form

The enrollment data you provide should reflect the official school enrollment as of that date. Please complete and submit the enrollment form before the close of business on November 15, 2022.

NEW in 2022:

  • The State Board of Education is collecting demographic information for students in Kindergarten through 12th Grade only. However, we do ask that you report the total number of students in your Early Learning / Pre-K program, if you provide one.
  • To help you prepare for and expedite reporting, we are offering a downloadable Excel Enrollment Worksheet to complete prior to filling out the online form. This is only a tool and not required, but it should enable you to transfer your data in fifteen minutes or less. 
  • If you have difficulty downloading the worksheet, it is likely a browser issue, particularly if you are using Google Chrome. Please try a different browser if you have download issues. 

Specific Data Requested
Please provide the number of Kindergarten through 12th Grade students in each grade by race / ethnicity, using the following categories specified in federal regulations per federal and state guidance:

  • American Indian / Alaskan Native
  • Asian
  • Black / African American
  • Hispanic / Latino of any race(s)
  • Native Hawaiian / Other Pacific Islander
  • Two or More Races
  • White
  • Unknown / Prefer Not to Share / Not Reflected in Previous Categories

If your school does not collect or you do not know the race / ethnicity of some or all students, please include these students in the final category: Unknown / Prefer Not to Share / Not Reflected in Previous Categories. 

How to Log In:

  • Username: Head of School email address
  • Password: Your School's Building Code

NOTE: If your school has multiple campuses or schools, each campus or school will submit a separate report

How to Find My School's Building Code:
Please use the EDS directory information to look up building codes to confirm your unique code for each campus.

  • Log in to EDS as usual, then choose "Search Education Directory."
  • Use the "Organization Category" dropdown box to select Private School.
  • Use the "Organization Name" text field to enter the name of the school, then the result of that search will populate in the lower part of that page.
  • On the left-hand side of the search results, you will see the name of the school followed by the school code in parentheses.

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