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Legislative Priorities

2022 Legislative Platform (click to enlarge)

2022 Legislative Platform

The Board’s legislative priorities for the 2022 session center on creating an equitable education system that is responsive to the individual needs of students. They include: 

  • Center student, family, and community voices in policymaking
  • Prioritize student and educator social, emotional, and mental health
  • Advance educational equity, diversity, inclusion, and antiracism
  • Provide equitable access to relevant and engaging learning opportunities

Agency Request Legislation

  • SB 5497 - Student Board Member Vote: The Board has agency request legislation to extend voting authority to student members on the State Board of Education. This request has been approved by the Governor’s Office.

The State Board of Education is a 16-member board, including two student members. Under current law, all the board members can vote except for the student members. This request legislation would extend voting authority to the student members on the Board, allowing them to vote in the same manner as other board members. Granting student members an official vote will make the Board more student-centered and responsive to the people most directly impacted by the Board’s policy decisions.

Download the one-pager on this request.

Budget Requests

In addition, the Board submitted two budget requests and is waiting to hear back from the Governor’s Office on these requests: 

  • Invest in strengthening the Board’s capacity for community engagement
  • Invest in developing recommendations for a statewide approach to assessing school climate

Legislative priorities from previous sessions:

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