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Statutes and Rules

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Statutes, Rules and Court Decisions

The rules of the State Board of Education are outlined in WAC 180. Governance of the Board is laid out in RCW 28A.305 and RCW 28A.657.

State Board of Education Duties in Law and Statutory Authority (as of July 2014).

WAC 180-08-015 states that the State Board of Education (SBE) will review all Board rules no less than every three years. As a part of a periodic review of its rules, SBE may update or clarify any of its rules and may fix inaccuracies that have developed due to changes in other rules and laws.

Below you will find relevant WACs and RCWs, key legislation, and court decisions regarding the work and governance of the SBE.

Washington Administrative Codes

WAC Subject
180-08 Practice, procedure, and access to public records
180-16 State support of public schools
180-17 Accountability
180-18 Waivers for restructuring purposes
180-22 Educational service districts
180-38 Private school pupil immunization requirement
180-44 Teachers' responsibilities
180-51 High school graduation requirements
180-52 Tests for students receiving home-based instruction
180-55 Private school accreditation
180-72 Adult education
180-90 Private schools
180-96 General educational development (GED) test
180-105 Performance improvement goals
180-111 Emergency waiver of certain requirements
392-109 Election of board members

Revised Codes of Washington

RCW Subject
28A.150.220(7) Basic Education Compliance
28A.230.090 High School Graduation Requirements
28A.305 Board powers, duties and composition
28A.305.011(5) Member Compensation
28A.305.140 Standard Waivers
28A.305.141 Economy and Efficiency Waivers
28A.655.070 Duties of OSPI and SBE regarding essential academic learning requirements and assessments
28A.657 Accountability System
28A.710.090 Charter School Authorization
43.03.250(2) and (3) Member Compensation

Key Legislation

Year Bill Subject
2017 HB 2224 Providing flexibility in high school graduation requirements and supporting student success during the transition to a federal every student succeeds act-compliant accountability system.
2017 HB 2242 Funding fully the state's program of basic education by providing equitable education opportunities through reform of state and local education contributions.
2014 SB 6552 Improving student success by modifying instructional hour and graduation requirements
2013 HB 1450 Assessment in Public Schools
2013 SB 5491 Establishing statewide indicators of educational health
2013 SB 5329 Transforming persistently failing schools
2010 SB 6696 Regarding education reform
2010 HB 2776 Regarding funding distribution formulas for K-12 education


HB 2261

Concerning the state's education system

Court Decisions

Date Case
November 2017 Supreme Court Order in Response to October 24, 2017 Oral Argument
October 2016 McCleary Supreme Court Order
September 2014 McCleary Supreme Court Order Holding Legislature in Contempt
June 2014 McCleary Supreme Court Order to Show Cause
April 2014 Attorney General's McCleary Brief
April 2014 McCleary Report
January 2014 McClearly Supreme Court Order
December 2013 Charter School Superior Court Decision
August 2013 McCleary Report
December 2012 McCleary Supreme Court Order
September 2012 McCleary Report
January 2012

McCleary Supreme Court Decision

McCleary court documents are posted on the Supreme Court website.

Joint Task Force on Education Funding Final Report