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Strategic Plan

 5 categories included in the 2019-23 Strategic Plan

The Board is currently accepting input on the next four year's of direction in the 2024-2028 Strategic Plan. Download the interim plan. See the timeline for adopting the plan: 

  • February 2023 - Board members reviewed progress on the 2019-2023 Strategic Plan, current and ongoing work, findings from recent research and reports, and key areas of responsibility and authority.
  • April 2023 - Dr. Hernandez-Scott facilitated an interactive conversation with the Board to begin to define the shared beliefs, values, and understandings to guide the development of the plan going forward to address how we engage community and stakeholders in our work, how we drive progress in our areas of authority and responsibility, and how we measure our progress in this work.
  • June 2023 - Community-based organizations from around the state spoke about issues they face in education. Students also shared information about their experience in school. Dr. Hernandez-Scott facilitated further discussion regarding shared beliefs and priorities.
  • August 2023 - Board members reviewed draft value and belief statements and provided feedback on potential priorities for the strategic plan.
  • September 2023 - Public listening sessions September 7 and 20. 
  • October 2023 - Board review of draft plan.
  • October-November 2023 - Listening sessions November 8 and 14. Feedback can be sent to the Board at
  • December 2023 - Anticipated adoption of 2024-2028 Strategic Plan.

The Washington State Board of Education (SBE) envisions an education system where students are engaged in personalized education pathways that prepare them for civic engagement, careers, postsecondary education, and lifelong learning. The strategic plan also lays out a set of goals and priorities to realize this vision. View the 2019-2023 strategic plan.

The 2019-2023 Strategic Plan contains six goals for the State Board of Education:

  • All students feel safe at school, and have the supports necessary to thrive.
  • All students are able to engage in their schools and their broader communities, and feel invested in their learning pathways, which lead to their post-secondary aspirations.
  • School and district structures and systems adapt to meet the evolving needs of the student population and community, as a whole. Students are prepared to adapt as needed and fully participate in the world beyond the classroom.
  • Students successfully transition into, through, and out of the P–12 system.
  • Students graduate from Washington State high schools ready for civic engagement, careers, post-secondary education, and lifelong learning.
  • Equitable funding across the state to ensure that all students have the funding and opportunities they need, regardless of their geographical location or other needs.

The strategic plan serves as a foundation for Board actions and efforts for the period of 2019 through 2023. During this time period, progress will be measured on an annual basis using the indicators of system health. (View the one pager summary of the strategic plan and how it relates to the education system health.)

The strategic plan is intended to highlight not just initiatives led by the Board but also those of partner agencies and organizations that are working to improve our education system, advance equity, and respond to the needs of students and communities. The development of the plan relied on the work of the EOGOAC, ELOC, Career Connect Washington, OSPI, PESB, CISL, WSAC, WSSDA, DCYF, WTECB, and others. In addition, we received input through regional community forums, outreach at partner meetings, presentations to the State Board, and a public survey that reached 2,690 participants.

Download the PDF version of the 2019 Annual Report regarding progress on SBE's strategic plan.