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Read the first issue of the MBLC newsletter: June 2022

Contact: Alissa Muller, Director of the Mastery-based Learning Collaborative

Quick link: List of Grantees | Resources

The Washington State Mastery-based Learning Collaborative (MBLC) will identify best practices for implementing Mastery-based Learning (MBL), identify sample tools for educators using a MBL approach, and offer professional learning to in-service educators, including teachers, principals, and counselors. The project’s overarching goal is to inform future policy by helping decision makers better understand what quality MBL looks like, how long it takes to implement, and what resources are necessary.

At the local level, this project would help participating schools not only respond to the current pandemic but also jump start a longer-term shift to MBL to transform education into a more relevant and equitable learning experience for each and every student.

While the grant opportunity has closed for this year, schools interested in MBL can sign up to join the Friends of the MBLC interest group.

Friends of Mastery Collaborative are not members but have a 100 percent opt-in connection to the MBLC community. Joining Friends of MBLC is a low-stakes way to stay connected and have access to MBLC offerings. This may be a good fit for schools that want to explore mastery and CRSE shifts informally or exploratorily. Friends of MBLC stay connected with the MBLC community by receiving the MBLC newsletter 1-2 times a month. This newsletter will provide notices of space available to join some PL opportunities such as visits to schools and online sessions. Friends of MBLC do not attend Quarterly Meetings (gatherings of practitioners in member schools) and will receive no grant funding from the MBLC Program. 

We welcome you to join our interest group!

Timeline for grantee schools:

  • Spring 2022: Planning period
  • 2022-2023: First professional learning year
  • 2023-2024: MBL implementation begins at the building level

Founding Cohort of Grantee Schools

School District


Auburn School District

Auburn High School

Elma School District

Elma Elementary, Elma Middle School, East Grays Harbor High School

Enumclaw School District

Enumclaw High School

Franklin Pierce School District

GATES High School

Highline Public Schools

Highline Big Picture and Maritime High School

La Conner School District

La Conner Middle-High School

Moses Lake School District

Vanguard Academy

Northshore School District

Innovation Lab High School

Olympia School District

Avanti High School

Quincy School District

Quincy Innovation Academy

Raymond School District

Raymond Jr Sr High School and Raymond Elementary School

South Kitsap School District

Mullenix Ridge Elementary

Tumwater School District

Tumwater Middle School

West Valley School District (#208)

West Valley Innovation Center in Yakima