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October 28-30 Oak Harbor
  1. Minutes
  2. Request for Approval of the Teacher Preparation Program at Saint Martin's University
  3. Professional Certification Reports
  4. Public Hearing and Adoption Consideration of Proposed Amendments to WAC 180-79A
  5. Applications for State Assistance in School Building Construction
  6. Request for Change in Scope for Capital Projects
  7. Status of the Common School Construction Fund
  8. Annual Approval of Inservice Agencies
  9. Waiver Requests of WAC 180-44-050, 180-18-040
  10. Proposed Amendments to WAC 180-27, 180-29
  11. Supplemental Capital Budget Request for Fiscal Year 1999
  12. Request by ESD 113 for Funding to Expand its Facility
  13. Waiver Request from 180-29 by Moses Lake School District
  14. Proposed Transfer of Territory from Dieringer School District to Auburn School District
  15. Annual Report of the WIAA
  16. Superintendent's Report
  17. Proposed Amendments to WAC 180-51-050
  18. Proposed New Section to WAC 180-08
  19. Proposed Amendments to WAC 180-16
August 19-20 Vancouver
  1. Minutes
  2. Consent agenda
  3. Proposed amendments to Chapter 180-25 through 180-30
  4. Annual review of cost allowance of school facilities
  5. 1999-2001 Capital Budget Request and Ten-year Capital Plan
  6. School Construction Fund Report.
  7. House School Construction Task Force Update
  8. School Construction Endowment Update
  9. Basic Education Assistance
  10. Proposed Fiscal Year 1999 SBE Budget
  11. School District Boundary Study Committee
  12. Final Report of the Mandate Review Committee
  13. Professional Certificate Field Test Projects and WACPTS
  14. Troops to Teachers Update
  15. Initial Discussion of Proposed Amendments to WAC 180-79A-257.
  16. Consideration of Proposed 1998 SBE Position Statement on Grading Policies.
  17. Appointment of Election Board to Count Ballots for SBE and ESD Board Elections.
  18. Superintendent's Report
  19. Student Report on the Youth Safety Summit
  20. Accountability Task Force Report