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August Meeting Recap

Release Date: 

August 18, 2023

Rep. Stonier, Indiana, Castulo, and DonaldaOn August 16 and 17, the Board gathered to certify schools for Basic Education, consider equity, approve private schools, and more. Day one saw Senator Lisa Wellman discussing computer science with the Board and Kitsap Strong's Youth Leadership Team sharing about youth needs and recommendations for the future. Day two featured Representative Monica Stonier (photographed with Indiana Hilmes, Castulo Gonzalez, and Donalda Brantley) talking about graduation pathways, a new Executive Committee voted in, and a policy change for student Board members' selection.

Find the agenda, supporting materials, and links to TVW’s video footage of the meeting on SBE’s meeting site.

Meeting highlights: 

Climate Survey Update – Through a combination of state funding and federal ESSER funding, the State Board has engaged with the University of Washington Center for the Study of Health and Risk Behaviors (CSHRB) to conduct a review of school climate assessments, provide policy recommendations, and develop an implementation plan for a statewide approach to school climate assessment. At the meeting, staff gave an update on this project.

School Recognition – Research Director, Dr. Andrew Parr shared a draft report on a recommended approach for the next round of school recognition. The project took a brief hiatus during COVID, but will resume this fall. SBE has preliminarily identified 286 schools for possible recognition via one or more of the recognition routes, which include Closing Gaps, Growth, and Achievement. 

Graduation Pathway Options – Representative Monica Stonier shared her thoughts on the legislative intent behind graduation pathway options legislation and Director of Career- and College-readiness, Linda Drake, summarized the input we have gathered so far (public webinar, panel with other states), and gave next steps on rulemaking around the performance-based pathway.

Legislative Priorities – Board members discussed priorities with a focus on the near term to prepare for the 2024 legislative session. These priorities were based on what the Board heard from students and community partners at the June retreat, along with long-standing and carry over priorities from last year’s platform. The Board will continue developing these priorities over the next couple months and is expected to approve the platform at the October meeting.

Executive Committee Elections – Board Chair, Bill Kallappa, was re-elected and will continue in his leadership role. Mary Fertakis was elected as Vice Chair, and Harium Martin-Morris, Dr. Dana Riley Black, and Patty Wood were elected as members-at-large. 

Engagement Plan – Members discussed four priority projects and brainstormed engagement activities and ways they can support the work moving forward. A draft plan was presented by Community Engagement Coordinator, Arielle Matthews. 

Student Selection Policy – Members looked at the current student Board member selection policy and brainstormed ways to make it more equitable for all students in our state. The Board approved changes to the selection policy, including opening the opportunity to all rising juniors in the state instead of alternating sides of the state.

Private Schools – The State Board of Education voted to approve 18 private schools for the 2023 - 2024 school year.

Basic Education – At the August meeting the Board fully certified 107 districts and other local education agencies. The Shoreline School District was certified separately so superintendent Dr. Susana Reyes could excuse herself from the vote. Find the complete list of districts and status at

Strategic Plan - The Board discussed conditions to support optimal learning and priorities for systemic improvement as they begin to identify the key elements of the next Strategic Plan.  The Board will hold a public listening session on September 7th to gather input on the plan.

Budget – Board members approved a fiscal year 2023-24 budget for the agency. 

Upcoming Board Meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for September 7 online, followed by the next in-person meeting October 11-12 in Yakima. The Board has shifted its meetings calendar to come together on even months of the year. The agenda and materials will be posted one week in advance of the meeting on SBE’s meetings page.


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