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December Meeting Recap

Release Date: 

December 3, 2021

SBE held its latest Board meeting December 2, and discussed ethnic studies, private school rules, legislative updates, and more. Find documents from the meeting and links to TVW’s live stream on SBE’s Simbli page.


Ethnic Studies – Jasmin Patrón-Vargas, Ph.D. Candidate, Michigan State University, presented a draft report that describes what an ethnic studies graduation requirement could look like in Washington, based on a review of research literature, lessons learned from other states' ethnic studies implementation, and feedback received during SBE's listening sessions in October. 

Legislative Update – Executive Director, Randy Spaulding, shared a brief update about SBE’s legislative requests. The Governor’s Office and the Office of Financial Management approved the Board’s request legislation to extend voting authority to SBE student members. We are waiting to see whether the Board’s budget requests are included in the Governor’s budget proposal to be released later this month.


See the Board’s 2022 legislative platform for additional priorities.


Private School Rules SBE approved amended private school rules concerning rescission of private school approval. The purpose of the amendments is to clarify a process for both schools and the Board if a school appears to be out of compliance with laws and the Board considers rescission of approval.

The Board also approved two private schools.


Upcoming Board meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for January 19-20, 2022. The agenda and materials will be posted one week in advance of the meeting on SBE’s meetings page.




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