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January Meeting Preview

Release Date: 

January 8, 2020

SBE will host its January Board Meeting at ESD 113 in Tumwater January 15 and 16. The following post highlights items from the agenda. Find the full packet and agenda on the SBE Meetings page

ED Report
Executive Director, Randy Spaulding's update for January will include information on Board membership and staffing, a brief overview of public disclosure and public meetings requirements, a summary of comments received and next steps for waiver rules, an update of the Mastery-based Learning Work Group and report, and a preview of planned business items.
 SBE Meeting: Tumwater, January 15-16
Graduation Update
Graduation rates have been rising over the past several years in Washington. As a result, the number of graduates in Washington has exceeded projections. Patrick Lane, Vice President, Policy Analysis and Research, for the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE) will discuss their projections and recent data on graduation in Washington. Andrew Parr, SBE Research Director, will then provide a preview of the latest data on graduation rates in Washington followed by a discussion of the use of various graduation alternatives and appeal use by Deb Came, Assistant Superintendent, Assessment and Student Information at OSPI. 
Pathways Update
You may have heard that E2SHB 1599 directs SBE to survey interested parties regarding what additional graduation pathways should be added to the existing ones and whether modifications should be made any of them, and to report that information to the Legislature by August 1, 2020. In addition, the Board will report on barriers to implementation and recommendations for changes to gradation pathways by December 10, 2022.
Although not required by the Legislature, SBE plans to submit an initial report in January 2020. We will have a very brief discussion of this initial report followed by and update from Alisha Strobel, Strobel Consulting's representative, on the survey process and timeline.
School Recognition
After thorough and thoughtful discussions, the Recognition Work Group reached consensus on the Phase II methodology that includes a "revised Growth Route" which provides schools with the opportunity to be identified for a high performing student group. If the approach had been applied to the Phase 1 methodology, the number of identified schools would have increased from 216 to 354. The work group also agreed to further explore the use of additional metrics and other identification criteria as part of the Phase 3 work. The Board will be asked to adopt the Phase II methodology and staff will provide an update on next steps in the work with a focus on recognition this spring.
Basic Education
Annually, SBE staff process basic education compliance reports from all public school districts. Between late July and November, school districts respond to a survey to attest that they are meeting minimum requirements of the program of basic education. Staff examine the data for errors or issues of non-compliance, verify results by contacting school districts to ensure fidelity to state requirements, and analyze the findings. Based on staff review of each school district's program assurance form, staff recommend school districts to be certified as being in compliance with basic education approval requirements for the 2019-20 school year. This year all districts are recommended for approval as shown in the Board item.
Legislative Kick-off
Staff will provide a legislative update and suggest minor revisions to the platform document in response to the Governor's budget release. In addition, staff will brief members on bills aligned with the platform and/or bills that impact the Board or the Board's areas of authority. Staff will also briefly discuss the priorities for legislative meetings in the afternoon.  
Charter Schools
In collaboration with the Charter School Commission (CSC), the State Board of Education (SBE) issues an annual report on the charter schools to the Governor, the Educational Committees of the Legislature, and the public, in accordance with RCW 28A.710.250.
The report addresses the following required elements:

  • The academic performance of the charter school students,
  • SBE's assessment of the successes, challenges, and areas for improvement in meeting the purposes of the Washington Charter Public Schools Act 
  • SBE's assessment of the sufficiency of funding for charter schools and the efficacy of the formula for authorizer funding, and  
  • Any suggested changes in state law or policy necessary to strengthen the state's charter schools.

Business Items include:

  • Approval of Basic Education Compliance for 2019-2020 School Year
  • Approval of Charter Public Schools Report
  • Approval of Transfer of Contract for Spokane International Academy from Spokane Public Schools to Charter School Commission
  • Adoption of Phase II Recognition Methodology
  • Adoption (or reaffirmation) of Equity Statement 
  • Adoption of Final Rules for Waivers (WAC 180-18)
  • Approval of temporary waiver graduation requirements in WAC 180-51-068 for Peninsula College 

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