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June Meeting Recap

Release Date: 

June 30, 2023

On June 27-29, the Board met to continue on their strategic planning journey and to approve private schools, waivers, basic education compliance, and more. The first day, the Board welcomed students and partners to engage in discussion and relationship-building. The second day, Senator Bob Hasagawa joined to welcome members to the area and engage on education topics. The final day, Board members and staff welcomed new student member, Castulo Gonzalez, and bid farewell to groundbreaking senior student member Pavan Venkatakrishnan (photographed with Chair, Bill Kallappa).

Find the agenda, supporting materials, and links to TVW’s video footage of the meeting on SBE’s meeting site.

Meeting highlights: 

Strategic Planning  –  Dr. Erica Hernandez-Scott (Executive Director, Professional Educator Standards Board) moderated the Board’s strategic planning process, building on the work done in April and preparing members for discussions with communities. 

Community Engagement – Following the strategic planning segment, the Board heard from, and collaborated with, community members, students, and other stakeholders before returning to a reflection on the values and what they learned through the community conversations. The Board identified priorities and actions they may take to address issues and concerns raised in the conversations. Special guests included Jene Ray, Director, The ZoNE, Tiesha Clark, Director of Community and Family Engagement, CCER, Amanda Mount, Community Results Coordinator, Elevate, and Carol Rodin and Dania Jaramillo, Co Executive Directors, Skagit FAE.

Equity Statement – Each year,  the Board reviews and potentially revises and adopts the equity statement and lens to ensure they include the contributions of each Board member. The annual review also serves as a way to reflect the collective learning the Board has undergone through each Board member's individual journey toward being anti-racist. This year, the Board approved the equity statement, lens, and glossary that will aid in our state’s work to close gaps. Find the recently adopted statement and lens on SBE’s page dedicated to this topic.

Legislative Priorities – During this segment, Board members discussed priorities with a focus on the near term to prepare for the 2024 legislative session. These priorities were identified through other retreat segments including the community, student, and strategic planning segments.

New Member – The Board was excited to swear-in new member, and Western Washington student representative, Castulo Gonzalez. Castulo is a junior at W.F. West High School in Chehalis. Special guests included Superintendent of Chehalis Schools, Dr. Christine Moloney and Colleen State, Chehalis School Board President.

Farewell, Pavan – SBE’s current senior student member, Pavan Venkatakrishnan said his final remarks as a member of the State Board. Pavan was able to chair the final segment of the meeting and use the official gavel to close the meeting. He plans to attend George Washington University in Washington D.C. to study political science and economics. Read more about his time on the Board.

Private Schools – On Thursday, June 29, the State Board of Education voted to approve 384 private schools for the 2023 - 2024 school year: 369 schools were fully approved and 15 schools were provisionally approved.

Basic Education – At the June meeting the Board certified 119 districts and other local education agencies. Find the complete list of districts and status at

Upcoming Board Meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for August 16-17 in Vancouver. The Board has shifted its meetings calendar to come together on even months of the year. The agenda and materials will be posted one week in advance of the meeting on SBE’s meetings page.


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Stephanie Davidsmeyer