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STEM Education Deep Dive

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January 10, 2020

ISB EventSBE and the Institute for Systems Biology (ISB) co-hosted an event this past week to take a deeper look into STEM education. The goal of the evening was to take a deeper look at the work that ISB Education is doing to help engage students more deeply with STEM in the K-12 system. Attendees completed a high school science activity which exemplified the standards and practices used by educators, and were able to interact with students and ask questions about their work. Stephanie Swegle (photographed to the right), a senior at Seattle Prep High School showcased her project on microbiomes which used combined art, health, environment, and science concepts to communicate complex topics. Swegle is one of ISB's 2019 STEAM Ambassadors, a group of young people enrolled in a three-week course focused on gaining an understanding of systems medicine through the relationship between the environment and health.

A portion of the event focused on the various standards and practices that are used in Washington science classrooms. Students demonstrating knowledge to these standards can "make sense of problems and persevere in solving them" and build understanding of common scientific practices like inquiry, testing theory, and analysis. ISB offers modules and more information about standards like the Next Generation Science Standards - in Washington, they are known as the Washington State Science Learning Standards (WSSLS). Stephanie Swegle

"Just a couple of months ago, we reached the 6th anniversary of our state’s adoption the Washington State Science Learning Standards," said Board Member, Jeff Estes during his address that evening. "The Board has been excited about these science standards in part because they provide a tangible way to align our broad commitment to educational equity with our specific goal of relevant, accessible science education for every student." 

More information about WSSLS, visit the SBE resources page dedicated to the topic.

Special thanks to ISB, Terry Bergeson (former Superintendent of Public Instruction), and all who were able to attend!

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