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What skills should a Washington graduate have?

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September 14, 2021

What skills should go in Washington State's Profile of a Graduate? How do Washington students show they are prepared with the skills needed to thrive in life after high school? The Legislature has instructed the Mastery-based Learning Work Group to explore what skills would be highlighted in Washington State's vision for high school graduates. Your feedback could inform how the Board aligns graduation requirements moving forward.

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Examples from other states:
"Knowing how to learn" and "work ethic" are just some of the skills highlighted in South Carolina's Profile of Graduate. “Technical knowledge (content knowledge)” and “productive workplace skills” are featured in Virginia’s. Wyoming’s graduates must be “curious, kind, and ready to work hard to make their community a better place.”

Other district examples: 
Glenbard (school district in Illinois) graduates "embrace diversity" and are "self empowered" (image example to the right). In Clayton (school district in Missouri), their Profile calls for a graduating senior to display "cultural competency" and "self-actualization." Our state's own, Snoqualmie Valley has created a Portrait of a Graduate where "empathy" and "global citizen" are featured skills. 

Creating these state-wide visions is impossible without community input, and feedback from our passionate partners, leaders, students, and educators in the field.

Please consider taking our brief survey, or, if you have questions about this work, please contact Alissa Muller, Director of the Mastery-based Learning Collaborative.

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