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basic education compliance

Basic Education Compliance

In our state, SBE is responsible for certifying that school district are in compliance with the program requirements of Basic Education (WAC 180-16-195, WAC 180-16-200, and RCW 28A.150.220(7)) each year. This gives the Board an opportunity to work with districts, and to get important data about school district programming. See the graph below as an example of the kind of data collected (from last year). We hope to share more data and visualizations as we work to complete Basic Education Compliance verification.

Basic Education Compliance

SBE is responsible for ensuring Washington State public school district compliance with the Program of Basic Education, and annually conducts a survey that allows school districts to affirm compliance with the basic education law.


Waivers of the Basic Education Program and High School Graduation Requirements

SBE-administered Waivers: