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December meeting recap

Release Date: 

December 2, 2022

On December 1, the Board met to discuss reports on educational system health and graduation requirements. The Board also considered approving proposed rules for high school graduation requirements, to address recent legislation on the role of computer science courses in meeting graduation requirements. 


At the last meeting, SBE adopted the official platform for the upcoming 2023 session. Find the full agenda and supporting materials on SBE's meetings site.


Educational System Health – Every two years, the Board reports on the Indicators of Educational System Health (six educational outcome measures upon which to evaluate the overall health of the educational system are specified in RCW 28A.150.550). The Board believes that the six indicators specified in the authorizing legislation do not go far enough in measuring the health of Washington’s educational system. Our recommendation is to better align what the state measures in the accountability and recognition processes with both the ambitious educational goals the state has set for its education system and the best available evidence about how to achieve those goals effectively and equitably. Find the most recent report and presentation about it: PowerPoint | Report.


Graduation Pathways Report – The Board approved the 2022 report on the third year of graduation pathway options research. Board members discussed the report, its findings, and the foreword. Graduation pathway options were established by the Legislature in 2019 and implemented for the Class 2020 and beyond (ESSHB 1599, Chapter 252, Laws of 2019). Graduation pathway options replaced a system of assessments and approved alternatives required for graduation. Find the report and presentation about it: PowerPoint | Report. (The report in meeting materials is a draft; the finalized ADA-compliant version of the report will be posted on the SBE website as soon as it is available.)


Graduation Requirements Alignment – In 2021, the Legislature charged the Board with reviewing the state Profile of a Graduate and submitting a report to the Governor and the education committees of the Legislature by December 31, 2022, with findings and recommendations. As part of this report, the Legislature further authorized the SBE to submit recommendations to align graduation requirements with the Profile of a Graduate. In developing these recommendations, the SBE was asked to consider the relationship between credits and core subject area requirements, potential changes to the requirements, and how the components of the diploma can work together better as a system. Find the report and presentation about it: PowerPoint | Report. (The report in meeting materials is a draft; the finalized ADA-compliant version of the report will be posted on the SBE website as soon as it is available.)


Graduation Requirement Proposed Rules –the Board approved proposed rules for WAC 180-51-210State Subject and Credit Requirements for High School Graduation, to align graduation requirement rules with legislation passed in 2021. The proposed rules permit a student to use a computer science course to meet a credit in math or science provided certain conditions are met. A hearing on the proposed rules will be held in January, and the Board will consider final adoption of proposed rules at the February Board meeting. Information on the hearing will be posted on the State Board of Education rulemaking web page as soon as it is available.


2023 Legislative Priorities – At the November board meeting, staff and Legislative Committee members presented platform priorities, and the Board adopted them for the upcoming 2023 legislative session. This past fall, the Board approved the legislative requests presented by the Legislative Committee and staff, which have been submitted to the Governor’s Office for review. The Board’s request bill would add two options to the graduation pathways that a school district may offer: a performance-based option and a work-related option. It would also clarify the purpose of graduation pathways and establish ongoing data and monitoring requirements at the state and local levels. The Board’s budget request would add funding to continue and expand the Mastery-based Learning Collaborative (established last session).


Official Seal Name – It is with great pleasure that SBE announced the winner of the “Name the SBE Seal” contest. Payton from Mrs. Shevchuck’s fourth grade class submitted “Snorkels,” and won the state-wide vote. If you don’t know, SBE is required by law to adopt an official seal. So, staff did that on behalf of the board (from the World Wildlife Fund). Snorkels has an Instagram account where they share about their journey through Washington schools, connecting with partners, and more.


Upcoming Board Meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for February 15-16 in Olympia. The Board has shifted its meetings calendar to come together on even months of the year. The agenda and materials will be posted one week in advance of the meeting on SBE’s meetings page.


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Stephanie Davidsmeyer
Director of Communications