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Indy + Star Present re: Internships

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November 14, 2023

It was standing-room only while the State Board's Communicators (interns), Star and Indy, presented about their experience at this year's Association of Washington Student Leaders Fall Conference in Tacoma. Students crowded into a math classroom at Washington High School to hear about a high-level internship and how that has impacted two seniors in Washington State. The two shared: 

  • what they do and how they do it
  • some examples of what they have done so far
  • advice on how to interact with adults
  • thoughts on building working relationships with professionals
  • their experience being interviewed and applying

You can check out their presentation slides here: Internships 101

Following Indy and Star's session, many students had follow-up questions about where they can find internships like theirs, how to make their resume stand-out, and how to succeed in the interview process. Most of their tips for interviewing and applying are outlined in their presentation. Star shared a resource she found helpful (searchable internship portal courtesy of Seattle Public Schools). Many students hoped their districts would develop something similar.

Check out the State Board's Instagram account for more photots and quick tips from Star and Indy's presentation.

Media Contact: 

Stephanie Davidsmeyer
Director of Communications