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SBE Student Communicators


Stephanie Davidsmeyer
Director of Communications

In partnership with the Association of Washington Student Leaders (AWSL), SBE student communicators get the opportunity to work with state government professionals, community organizations, and state-wide peers.

Who they are
In January 2023, SBE welcomed Indiana Hilmes (Selah) and Star Mendoza (Puyallup) as student interns! Both are juniors, passionate communicators, and storytellers. Read more about them on SBE's blog post announcing their start.

What they do
Under the supervision of the Director of Communications, the communicators:

  • aid in producing communications materials for your peers that can be easily shared
  • meet with SBE staff and members to brainstorm and execute new communications and outreach strategies
  • recap meetings and legislative information for your peers
  • help create awareness about the Board and our work

Volunteer Communications Network for Students
Because so many students applied to be an SBE Communicator, we developed the Student Communicators Network. This is a group of high school students interested in media relations, communications, and outreach. Join the mailing list for students to become involved. 

In this network you will get:

  • Connections with other students interested in communications, media, and student voice
  • Volunteer hours at a work environment relevant to your career goals
  • Professional learning opportunities with state communications professionals from SBE (potentially other agencies as well)
  • The chance to work with us on state-wide projects (based on your interest and the time you’d like to spend with us)

What does this look like?

  • Quarterly conferences on communications and outreach
  • Monthly news/updates emails where learning and outreach opportunities are shared
  • Chances to testify in front of our state Legislature
  • Opportunities to give feedback on issues impacting students
  • Occasional guest features in SBE communications (social media, blog, etc.)

The State Board is thankful for partner organizations like the Association of Washington Student Leaders (AWSL) and the Washington State Legislative Youth Advisory Council (LYAC) who put student voice first. If you are interested in becoming involved with either organization, please let us know and we are happy to make connections.

If you’d like to subscribe to be part of the network, please sign-up by entering your email here: SBE Communicators Network.