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profile of a graduate

Tell us about graduation pathway options

It's the end of the school year, let's reflect. Graduation pathway options went into effect for the Class of 2020, but the last two years have been anything but typical. How, after more than two years in a pandemic, do we see our students' pathways to graduation and life after high school? What can our system set as the standard requirements for achieving the Washington State high school diploma? What do our students need?

Profile of a Graduate

Learn more about how we're collecting feedback to align current graduation requirements to this Profile. 

Developed by the Mastery-based Learning Work Group, with support from the Board and valuable input from community stakeholders, the Profile of a Graduate outlines the essential knowledge, skills, and abilities our students should develop over the course of their K-12 educational journey

What skills should a Washington graduate have?

What skills should go in Washington State's Profile of a Graduate? How do Washington students show they are prepared with the skills needed to thrive in life after high school? The Legislature has instructed the Mastery-based Learning Work Group to explore what skills would be highlighted in Washington State's vision for high school graduates. Your feedback could inform how the Board aligns graduation requirements moving forward.

SBE to Host Profile of a Graduate Listening Sessions

Profile of a Graduate listening sessionsEducators, families, community members, the State Board of Education wants to hear from you about graduation and how students show they are prepared with the skills needed to thrive in life after high school. Learn more about this work and get an opportunity to provide feedback during the September 8 listening session (at 5:30 p.m.