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Graduation Pathway Forum Recap in Bremerton

SBE hosted a public forum in Bremerton on November 5 regarding the equity and adequacy of the new graduation pathway options. This was the second forum on pathways at that time. 

The goal was to gather feedback from community members, parents, students and partners on new laws and their impact for students. Randy Spaulding, Executive Director speaks at a community forum in Bremerton


To meet the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) graduation pathway option, students must meet the minimum score on the Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT) to be eligible to serve in a branch of the armed services at the time the student takes the test. The AFQT is a component of the ASVAB (not a separate test). Satisfying this graduation pathway option meets requirements in both English and math.

Graduation Pathway Options

Legislation passed in the 2019 session (HB 1599) established multiple graduation pathway options. In 2023, HB 1308 passed establishing the performance-based pathway.

Enrollment Reporting

SBE annually collects private school enrollment data. Participation in enrollment reporting is not required for private school approval, although enrollment data may be used to verify information used in the approval process. Enrollment data is used in distribution of federal funds. Use the downloadable Excel Enrollment Worksheet.

WSSLS Resources

Washington State Science Learning Standards: Resources for Teachers, Administrators, Parents, and Students

Infographic on NGSS/WSSLS

Graduation Requirements

If you are a student or family member of a student, see the Families and Students page. Students are assigned an expected graduation year at the time they enter ninth grade (WAC 180-51-035). They are held to the graduation requirements of that graduation year regardless of the year they actually complete high school.

High School and Beyond Plan

The High School and Beyond Plan is a graduation requirement for every student. It's a process for students, parents, and teachers to guide students through high school and think about their future. Plans are personalized and designed to help students set, visualize, and work to achieve goals. A High School and Beyond Plan is one of the three components, along with Credit and Subject Area Requirements, and Graduation Pathway Options, that Washington students must complete to achieve a high school diploma.

Emergency waiver research brief

In 2021, the legislature authorized the State Board of Education to establish an emergency waiver program to allow school districts to waive certain high school graduation requirements in the wake of COVID-19. The waiver was designed to be used on an individual student basis after the district makes a good faith effort to help the student meet the requirements.

September meeting recap

EC CommitteeIt was another historic meeting this September as student member Pavan Venkatakrishnan was elected to the Board’s Executive Committee (it provides guidance on the Board’s agenda and oversight of the budget). The Executive Committee is now comprised of Mary Fertakis, Harium Martin-Morris, Pavan Venkatakrishnan, Bill Kallappa, and Kevin Wang (photo to the right). Pavan will be the first student member of this committee.